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Eighty-seven days of tension between Mbappe, PSG and Real Madrid

The Kylian Mbappe saga blew up again when nobody expected it to. After the frustrations of last summer and Paris Saint-Germain’s two rejections of offers from Real Madrid, it seemed as though a truce between the two sides would last until January 1.

But the Frenchman gave an interview with RMC Sport and L’Equipe that has caused yet another eruption.

It probably wasn’t Mbappe’s plan to cause controversy again. He just wanted to give his side of events after the summer, but his comments have only led to the two clubs involved growing firmer in their respective stances. Now, Real Madrid have to wait 87 days to have the chance to sign him, if that’s what the player still wants to do.

Florentino Perez gave his side of things to El Debate on Tuesday morning, saying that Real Madrid “will have news from Mbappe in January” and that “we hope on January 1 everything can be resolved”. Just four hours later, though, he told RMC that his “words were misinterpreted” and that what he said was that Real Madrid would “wait until next year to find out, always being respectful to PSG, with whom we have a good relationship”.

But Leonardo wasn’t impressed and he responded via L’Equipe, accusing Florentino Perez of “lacking respect for PSG”. He was also angered by Karim Benzema – and then Florentino – “speaking about Kylian as if he were already one of their players”.

A two-year proposal

PSG are already making moves to renew Mbappe’s contract. MARCA have learned that they have put an offer of a two-year extension to him, believing that he is no longer as certain that he wants to leave as he had been before the transfer window closed.

“You never know what can happen,” Mbappe said in that interview. “Yesterday’s truth isn’t today’s, nor tomorrow’s.”


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